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14 January 2011 @ 12:20 am
A Picture Where Everyone's Smiling.  
i'm glad nick texted earlier this evening. it made the night more bearable, at least.

he gave me a picture, a memento of the bbq i really really enjoyed. one of the most awesome bbqs so far. and i'm happy to have that picture as a reminder. it was a sweet gesture.. something he always does for everyone that everyone overlooks anyway. i'm lucky to have him as a friend.

i had a dream the other night that could've almost passed as a nightmare. it was on the immediate night after it happened. there were snakes in it; they were popping up here and there in drawers in the room i was sleeping in. it wasn't mine. a lot of people were featured in my dream. many friends.. and even christine's dad! but i couldn't see the face of the most important one. i had to use a shower in preparation of my sister's wedding, at a public toilet. strange, i know. there were three areas with toilets. it was kinda like sunway lagoon. or any other theme park i suppose. but the queues were insanely long at all three. that's when someone dragged me to another toilet and told me i could use that one; it had a shorter queue. but i went back to grab my stuff and told people i was gonna go over to that one and somehow when i got back there, there was already another long queue and my friends whom i told.. they were part of that queue too.

messy dream. i wonder if it represents something though.

i woke up feeling confused, disoriented, and totally lack of sleep. and stuck with the jiggy jiggy song in my head.
feeling: confusedconfused
music: F. Cuz ft Yao Yao - Jiggy